So glad this didn't happen when I had my kids in the studio yesterday!

Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day.  Parents took their sons and daughters into the studios of NPR for a tour of the facilities.  At one point, one of the children in the photo above -- an apparent engineering genius -- pressed a specific sequence of buttons on a control board that allowed the board to interrupt the NPR broadcast.  As a result, the NPR network experienced "dead air" for more than a minute, Gawker said.  One minute doesn't sound like a dreadfully lengthy period of time, but you'd be surprised how fast people will change the channel when they aren't hearing what they expect to hear.

The outage did not affect all stations on the network but NPR isn't saying how many were impacted.

Meanwhile, NPR's Chief Engineer is pitching a future job to the kid.

Wanna see Josh Strickland and his kids live in the studio on Take Your Child to Work Day?  Click here!