They are going to be more than 14 feet tall but on a sunny day the solar panels that line a few Michigan State parking lots will generate some much need power. When students and professors park on campus they will be covered from the sun and will also be helping the university as these solar panels will generate about 1/6th of the amount of energy needs to power MSU.

The project is underway as construction workers are working in several lots to get the whole project done by the end of the year (Don't worry the project won't affect MSU Football tailgates).


According to MSU Physics Professor, Wolfgang Bauer.“We have a micro-grid on campus that produces all of our electricity and heat and so it was natural to say how can we make this more efficient, save more money and also be greener." Over 25 years the panels project will save the university $10 million. Also five lots on campus will be covered with about 40,000 or so solar panels.

To read more about and see how else this is helping Michigan State you can here. 

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