The University of Kansas may have apologized for Snoop Dogg's recent, explicit performance on campus, but Uncle Snoop probably won't.

According to a report TMZ published on Wednesday (Oct. 9), Snoop recently expressed his thoughts on the backlash of his now-infamous set during a Tuesday interview on The Howard Stern Show. School officials didn't seem to find the stripper poles, dancers and money guns Snoop imported for the show appropriate, but the veteran MC is confident that the audience had a great time.

"The audience enjoyed that shit," Snoop said. "I don't know what the fuck they talking about."

The 35-minute performance went down at the school's Allen Fieldhouse basketball arena last Friday (Oct. 4) during the school's kickoff event for basketball season, Late Night in the Phog. His show was reportedly supposed to solely feature radio edits of his songs. However, Snoop ended up performing the explicit versions of each song complete with multiple pole dancers performing alongside him and people shooting fake cash out of money guns throughout the show. In response, the school issued an apology to the community, and Snoop respected their decision.

"I think it was more the publicity of what I did," Snoop said about the backlash. "They had to cover it up. And, I respect them, and I wasn't gonna put no smut on their name and say they did anything wrong because they invited me to come do what I do. And, when you pay for Snoop Dogg, you gon' get Snoop Dogg."

Stern also asked Snoop if he was really asked to leave campus after his set, but the rapper denied that detail of the story.  "That's a muthafuckin' lie," Snoop said in response. "I had the time of my life. I enjoyed myself, hung out with the basketball teams."

In case you missed it, watch Snoop's full performance below.

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