Earlier today (Wednesday) Meijer announced that they will install sneeze guards at 248 stores across the Midwest.

The plexiglass shields will be installed at every checkout lane starting next week. Obviously these shields will protect workers from sneezing customers and protect customers from sneezing employees. It's just another smart move to try and combat the coronavirus. I applaud any company that steps up and looks out for their employees and customers like this.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, these aren't the only steps the company has taken to protect its customers and employees. Here are some other things they've done.

  • Suspending the use of reusable bags by customers in its stores unless they’re being used for the retailer’s Shop & Scan program.
  • Discontinuing accepting beverage containers for return at its Michigan stores.
  • Temporarily removing Sandy the Pony from the front end of its stores.
  • Marking X’s on the floor six feet apart in areas where customers may congregate, such as lines for check lanes, pharmacy, and service desk counters.

One thing I noticed today when I did some shopping, food is finally back on the shelves. Also, stores including Meijer, Walmart, Sam's Club, and Kroger are not quite as busy as they've been over the last couple weeks.

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