Here's a Haunted Michigan site you'll probably NEVER visit: the Sister Isles in the middle of Lake Erie.

Each of the three islands are uninhabited and have been ever since the 1700's...but to this day, boaters near the islands claim the spirits of three Indian maidens can be heard sobbing & wailing - one on each island.

During the early 1700's, the Wyandot tribe lived along the banks of the Detroit River and their chief was the father of three young, quarrelsome daughters. All they did was fight, argue and quarrel among themselves, day & night. It got so bad, that other women in the tribe avoided them at all costs.....and their bad reputation spilled over into other tribes, making it impossible for the chief to find prospective husbands and marry them off.

The chief set up an area - quite a distance away from the rest of the tribe - where the three girls could argue all they want and not disturb the others. But guess again...their quarreling was so constant and so loud, the distance didn't matter. The tribe complained once again to the chief who made a definitive decision: banish his daughters somewhere where they couldn't return.

And banish them he did. Putting them in his canoe, he took them into the middle of Lake Erie and dropped each one off on their own private, inhabited island. All alone. To survive on their own.

Without the other sisters to argue and fight with, the Indian maidens went berserk: screaming, crying and moaning with anger, fear & grief. It's been said all three died of grief but more likely they starved to death. And nowadays, their ethereal wailing can be heard emanating from each island as boaters pass by.

Could be the wind, you say? Okay. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Check out the photo gallery below and see where these islands are. If you DO have the time, urge and bravery to visit these islands - or just one of 'em - keep in mind, there is NOTHING there except trees and foliage...and a wailing spirit.

You are on your own.

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