Construction Season is here and also sinkholes are popping up so because of the road work there are plenty of road closures or detours to watch for.

  • 3 Feet Deep Sinkhole on East Vermontvile Highway between Skinner Highway and M-99 in Dimondale has closed a part of the road. No word on when construction will start to fix this. More here.
  • Big Sinkhole near Charlotte at the corner of 5 Point Highway and Stine Road. The sinkhole opened up Sunday afternoon. Road is closed for the time being as they need to repair road and drains. More on this here.
  • Pine Street in Lansing will be resurfaced, it started this week and will continue until May 25th.
  • In East Lansing there are temporary closures on Abbot road that starts today (5/17) for the Center City District project. It will be between Grand River and Albert avenue and will also be shut down Monday and Tuesday too.
  • In Lansing there will be a slight closure for a day or two due to BWL work on Pleasant Grove and Reo Road.
  • Also the work continues in Okemos on Okemos and Jolly Road intersection as they are doing a lot of road work there for the rest of the summer. You can not turn onto Okemos from Jolly but can still drive on both roads but there is one lane and a lot of work going on.

You don't have avoid these area as most local businesses in these areas are open but watch out while driving in these areas. Also don't go around signs that say "Road Closed" or "Construction" police are watching for this and want to make sure if road work is happening drivers aren't in the area, more on that here. 

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