The Michigan town of Sidney is one of those communities that quietly & peacefully resides within Michigan's countryside, away from the main highways and unnoticed by many...but this is a place you should visit to get a true "Mayberry" feeling.

Sidney is listed as an unincorporated community at the intersection of Derby and Sidney Roads in Montcalm County, three miles west of M-66. The village was founded in 1854 when Phineas Swift left New York and settled in Michigan. Upon the arrival of other settlers, the area was dubbed "Sidney" after Sidney, Ohio, the former home of many of these early settlers. Nowadys, the Fred Meijer Trail cuts through the southern and eastern sections of Sidney.

What to do in Sidney? The town hosts the Montcalm Heritage Village Festival which will be held this year (2018) August 2-4. PLENTY to do for the entire family: entertainment, demonstrations, displays, games, historic artifacts, refreshments and much more. There are over 25 historical buildings with hundreds of historic artifacts and relics that are from the late 1800's to early 1900's. The festival is held on the grounds of the Montcalm Community College, located east of town on West Sidney Road. 

A small Michigan town doesn't have to be a 'haunted' place or a 'ghost town' in order for you to visit.....they all feature classic old buildings & structures from over 100 years ago that are always enjoyable to seek out. There are so many pleasant little towns like Sidney throughout Michigan that deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Show your appreciation by adding this stop to your next Michigan roadtrip!

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