I vaguely recall this place…and many people haven’t thought about it for years.

Deer Forest – and “Story Book Lane” – are gone to history…but does anyone ever talk about it, let alone REMEMBER it?

The photo gallery above includes some still shots taken from old 8mm home movies, so the quality of those aren't that great.....but if it's all we have to see what the park was like decades ago in it's heyday, I'll take it.

Located northeast of Coloma, near Paw Paw Lake, this place was a great family fun place and still holds a special place for the adults who recall going there as a kid.

Opening in 1949, it was a 32-acre family fun park that featured train rides thru the forest, miniature golf, feeding the animals, petting area, ferris wheel, other amusement rides, Story Book Lane (featuring your favorite storybook characters) and more. Now all gone, shut down just a few short years ago…closed…defunct…no more.

Find out more about the defunct Deer Forest on m.live by CLICKING HERE.

Do any of you remember this place???

If you wanna visit this abandoned, defunct & deserted family fun park, it's located at 6800 Indian Lane, Coloma. Take drone footage if you can.


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