April showers bring May flowers? How about April and May showers bringing more moist mosquito conditions?

Mosquitoes are already our unofficial state bird. And when the warm weather hits, they will be out for blood. Literally.

We've had a pretty decent rainfall this spring. How does that play into our upcoming mosquito season?

Michigan has about 60 species of mosquitoes buzzing around within its borders. These in turn fall into three main genres or types: permanent water mosquitoes, floodwater mosquitoes -- summer floodwater mosquitoes are the most common in Michigan -- and artificial container/tree hole mosquitoes. As the names imply, all three types require some type of standing water source to mature, such as ponds, flooded areas, old tires and buckets. (Tripsavvy)

Rainfall amounts aren't the big deal- standing water is, says Bill Stanuszek, Director of Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission. Stanuszek says mosquitoes will be more numerous in low lying parts of Michigan that had the heavy rain. (MLive)

And heads up:

  • Citronella Candles DON'T WORK!
  • Fans can help you out.
  • Your blood type and being pregnant might make you more appetizing.
  • Beer drinkers BEWARE!

Head here for more tips on dealing with Michigan Mosquitoes from WDIV.

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