Here's another shoe for you all....shoe TREE, that is.

This one is between Comins and Fairview in Oscoda County. If you drive north out of Fairview on M-33, you can't miss this shoe tree - just keep your eyes peeled on the right side of the road.

So really...what is the meaning - or meanings - of these shoe trees?

One theory says high school seniors throw their shoes into a specific tree once they graduate.

One says that high school Cross Country runners to throw their shoes into the tree(s) after they run their last race. 

Another states that during the Depression, a young boy had to have his feet amputated after working extreme hours outdoors with no shoes. a shoe tree is in memory of the boy, who once exclaimed "shoes don't grow on trees". 

Another rumor claims the shoes are a sign that illegal drugs are sold close by. 

Then there are the morbid rumors that the shows are from the victims of serial killers.

Maybe some of the above are true, maybe not. Maybe it's all just for kicks & giggles...but it sure adds more mystery and fun to our state! Check out the photos below of the shoe tree between Comins and Fairview...

ALSO! While getting screenshots for the shoe tree, I found one shot that appears to POSSIBLY have captured two Sasquatch...CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS BELOW and take a look!

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