This 'Haunted Michigan' legend pops up every so often...and here we go again.

7 Gables Road near Dansville is said to be one of Michigan's most haunted roads, right up there with Hatchet Man Road.

7 Gables Road is less than a mile long, off Dexter Trail, south of Dansville and east of Mason. It dead ends thanks to a gate that prevents anyone from driving further to where the grisly events were supposed to have taken place (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW). 

At the end of 7 Gables Road, there used to be a creepy old house that was occupied by a woman who was said to practice witchcraft. She must've been shunned and outcast by the community, for she laid a curse on the road, her house and the land she lived on.

25 years after she passed away, a family moved into the house. The father began acting strange, as if possessed by unseen evil forces or engulfed with madness. His insanity drove him to kill his entire family and then hanged each one from each gable on the house. He then set the house on fire and hung himself as well.

Nowadays, the land is believed by many to be haunted with a curse: if you dare to enter the land and should hear a scream, you better get outta there or you will soon die.

Some of those who have investigated the property at night say they saw the face and/or head of a little girl in the trees. Others hear faint screams, witness a child standing off in the shadows, heavy breathing and more. Another claimed to be choked by an invisible hand and many visitors are said to have drowned in a hidden lake that is on the way to the ruins of the old house. Some say they have smelled burning flesh.

The thing is...there are no more ruins. There are some remnants of some kind of foundation, like a stone pillar or maybe where a chimney was, but so far nothing else has been found of the old house.

Many believe the place is haunted, many others say it's all a load of B.S.
(There are some unintentionally funny videos on youtube where some "brave" boys - who visit at night - end up screaming like little girls.)

There doesn't seem to be any "no trespassing" signs so it appears you are free to roam and investigate the area. If you do, be respectful of others who live nearby and be considerate of the land...and if you hear a scream, leave fast.

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