Are you ready for a new moon and some meteors? Because this week, you might be able to see both. First the meteor showers, which are the Delta Aquariids and the Alpha Capricornids. They are out this week, and you should have the best chance to see one peak tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday). The meteor shower that we should see is the Alpha Capricornids. The Alpha Capricornids can be seen equally well in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, which is different from the Southern Delta Aquariids which can be seen more towards the equator or south of it.

Next, with the Black Moon this week, it will make it easier to see the meteor showers. There will be little to no moonlight in the night sky, which will make it easier to see the meteors (thank you, black moon). Also the term Black Moon is used because it is the second new moon of a month.

To be able to spot the meteor shower, you want to make sure you are outside a city or a place with lots of light or pollution, as those make it difficult to spot things in the sky. Also you will probably want a blanket or chair cause you will have to be looking up at the sky for a while since your eyes will need to be used to the darkness. But once your eyes adjust to the dark sky, you will be able to spot the meteor shower. Also, don't be annoyed if you can't spot any at first as the shower lasts all night and there can be less meteors at certain times compared to others.

You can see more on the meteor showers here. 

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