People had problems with them last year but with this different school year and less students it is going to be different this year. Scooters took a little break during the spring semester but when you drive around East Lansing this fall you will be seeing students riding on Gotcha scooters.

According to Gotcha's website, starting today Gotcha’s scooter share system is available to students. These scooters will enable students to get across the gigantic Michigan State campus quickly and also keep social distance.

There will be some new protocols for students this year that all have to do with cleaning. Obviously students will be pushed to wash their hands after and before and wear a face mask while using a scooter. Along with that the company will be cleaning scooters, educate employees on cleaning techniques, and more which you can see here.

Riders can download the Gotcha Mobility app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start riding.

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