Losing your sense of smell after contracting this virus isn't something new. It's been a symptom scientist and even those who've caused the virus have noted. But, how do you get that sense of smell back? Some say they didn't get their smell back until months after they had COVID.

The University of East Anglia found a new way to hopefully help those who'd gotten COVID-19, to get their smell back. The method they found, was "smell training."

It's like weight training basically. Just like you have to slowly build your muscles up over time, you can slowly rebuild your sniffer.

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"It has emerged as a cheap, simple and side-effect free treatment," Professor Philpott says. "It aims to help recovery based on neuroplasticity – the brain's ability to reorganize itself to compensate for a change or injury."

Professor, Carl Philpott, a smell loss expert from the University, explained in a release that corticosteroids were given to many patients after they'd lost their sense of smell. More times than none, that was ineffective. This method is a pill and drip-free method.

“Around one in five people who experience smell loss as a result of Covid-19 report that their sense of smell has not returned to normal eight weeks after falling ill."

Basically, scientists say that if you smell four separate odors twice a day for a few months, you'll slowly recondition your nose to all the smells around you that you probably haven't been able to smell in a while.

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