I'll do my best not to use expletives as I write this.

A school run by a bunch of -- wait... breathe...

A school in Kansas City Missouri is "apologizing" after an employee of the district thought it would be OK or funny or effective or whatever to take the walking cane of a boy that was born with no eyes and replace it with a pool noodle.

Officials allege they were concerned the 8 year old boy was getting violent when he tossed his cane into the air while listening to music.  So they took his cane and sent him home with the noodle, according to ABC News.

The district, later, issuing an apology for the mistake.

The mistake.


It is beyond all possible rational reasoning that I am capable of that ANY AND ALL PEOPLE connected to the incident AND the "apology" are still employed.

And haven't been beaten.

Sorry, I don't try not to advocate violence -- very few things have the potential to throw me into a rage but this... well... hey friends, this is it.  And I'm sorry.

What the ever-lovin' [expletive]?!

There had better be a follow up to this story with a list of names of school officials taking early retirement.