Lansing On Tap is this Saturday, and you can win passes if you complete this scavenger hunt!

It's not too hard, and if you figure it out you'll be able to sample from more than 100 different beers from craft breweries across the country this Saturday!

There are two different locations where you can win free passes to Lansing On Tap. If you crack the clues below, show up at one of the two locations and say this secret line: "What's on tap?"

So where are these locations? These two clues hold the answer:

Clue for Location No. 1

Take Old U.S. 27 north from Old Town. If you pass McDonald's you've gone too far, and yet the Quality Dairy near the intersection of Larch and Lake Lansing Road isn't quite far enough. It's on the east side of Old U.S. 27. If you're walking this route instead of driving, you may be huffing and puffing!

Clue for Location No. 2

Start at the Lansing Mall in Delta Township. Head east on Saginaw Highway, then head south on Elmwood Drive. Now you're getting warmer! If you're facing directly east from the eastern side of Fifth Third Bank, turn 45 degrees to your right. Now you're looking at the location! You're so hot now, you're practically smoking!

If you can't figure it out...

You can still get tickets to Lansing On Tap. Just click here!