There are tons of different scams that could be sent to you, or coming to you at any minute. There is a new form of scamming, that is a bit scary.

What if I told you, that you could lose your phone number with this simple scam?

New Convincing Scam Hitting Michigan

The new scam, hitting not just Michigan, is called SIM Swap Fraud... This is a first for me, as I'd never heard of it. According to CTIA, it's a new form of scamming that transfers your phone number to a different device:

"SIM swap fraud is when a scammer transfers your phone number to another device without your authorization. This allows scammers to begin receiving communications associated with your phone number, including those that may allow them to access your social media profiles, banking and other accounts." CTIA.

While, that news is scary enough, it's not the only thing that you need to watch for. Scammers can cost you thousands with this new scam.

In fact, one woman recently lost out on $15,000 due to this new scam.

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The scam itself can be very scary. A Reddit user, claimed that the theifs knew everything about them... down to the street they were living on.

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The scary part about all of this, is that once the hackers get ahold of your phone, they can drain your entire bank account in a matter of only a couple of hours.

As a reminder, no one will ever call you and ask for any personal information over the phone. Things such as security codes, as well as banking information will never be asked over the phone.

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