Thanksgiving is coming up and even though most of us are lookin' forward to it, we're still dreading the fact that the food bill alone will come close to wiping out our bank accounts.

But if you have the courage to try something to lower that food bill this month, you may wanna keep reading.

Hey, I’m all for lowering my food bill AND eating healthier.
Easiest way? Stop buying meat, especially red meat.

I am not a vegetarian – I do love meat – but I’ve cut down my personal consumption of meat considerably, just to be healthier and to avoid all the chemicals that are pumped into all meats.

Vegetarian burgers taste OK but they don’t really save you any money. Best thing I’ve tried is making a “burger” sandwich from portobello mushrooms; one of those huge, flat mushrooms – sauteed in garlic butter – can come darn close to a tasty meat sandwich.

Again…yeah, I love meat: steaks, bacon, fried chicken, ribs, you name it – but it’s my time to eat smart: health-wise and money-wise (oh, I’ll have my meat from time to time, believe me…but I’m still gonna eat more vegetarian dishes as well).


1. Incorporate More Beans

2. Make Your Own Hummus

3. Substitute Eggs in Place of Meats

4. Take Inspiration from the Europeans

5. Evoke the Flavors of South Asia

6. Load Up on Vegetables

Now, some of you may be grimacing or making some other kind of face about these. But if you take the time to read descriptions of the above sex ways, you may find yourself salivating and wanting to try 'em.

So, to get more details on these six ways, do so by simply CLICKING HERE.

And save yourself a huge chunk of your hard-earned dough this holiday season.....Cool.


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