The growing trend, if that's even the right word, of using drones to capture footage is one I'm a fan of. It opens up a whole new world as far as what's possible for movies, music videos, tv shows and promotional videos. Consider that viral video of the single-shot footage of a bowling alley in Minnesota:

Along those same lines, someone in Michigan captured a gorgeous series of videos over Port Huron using nothing but a drone.

On Youtube, a user by the name of Corbin_Dallas550 shared his footage with the caption, "Beautiful summer day in Port Huron, Mi with DJI Air 2S." The entire video is about 3 minutes long and perfectly captures the beauty of this lake shore. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Via Youtube

The lighthouse at Fort Gratiot is said to be Michigan's oldest lighthouse. Built in the early 1800's, this operational lighthouse is one of the few that allow visitors to scale the stairs to the catwalk above to enjoy the views. You can read more on their website.

 The Shoreline 

Via Youtube

I am blown away by how many shorelines along both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron resemble oceanside beaches. Here, the water looks crystal clear (and very inviting in this 90 degree heat).

This Giant Boat 

Via Youtube

Is there something special about this boat? Probably not. I just like the shot! The contrast of the bright orange boat next to the greens and blues of the water and island, to me, makes it visually satisfying.

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But, enough about my favorites. Check out the full video below and pick out your own!

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