Sadly, Lansing has to say goodbye to another restaurant. Thankfully, we'll only have to say goodbye in name only, as its legacy is going to be kept alive by a different Lansing restaurant.

Detroit Frankie's Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza Closing

In a Facebook post on Friday (Dec. 10th) evening, Frankie, the owner of Detroit Frankie's Wood-fired Brick Oven announced his retirement. In the post, he goes on to say that he didn't want to just leave his customers and employees up and dry. He wanted to make sure that the business continued and his employees still had jobs. Check out his post below.

It was just this past November that we got news of the Detroit Frankie's location on South Pennsylvania closing, and they had just opened there in July. Enter Saddleback BBQ.

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Saddleback BBQ Taking Over Both Detroit Frankie's Locations

In a cheeky Facebook post, Saddleback BBQ said they may or may not be opening a new pizza restaurant after the new year, and if they were, they wanted to get our opinion on the new logo.

Now we know that they aren't just opening a new restaurant, they're taking over the old Detroit Frankie's locations with a new name; Slice by Saddleback. Plus, they are going to keep alive the delicious legacy that Frankie is leaving behind.

Slice by Saddleback Keeping Detroit Frankie's Recipes?

Saddleback BBQ owner Matt has been over at Detroit Frankie's learning the recipes and training.

It seems like we'll see a mix of old and new; pizza made the same way Frankie did, but sure to see some bbq pizza mixed in there as well.

We hope that Frankie has the amazing retirement he deserves, and we can't wait to see what becomes of Slice by Saddleback!

Detroit Frankie's West Side location at 644 Migaldi Lane will become "Slice by Saddleback" on December 28th, 2021, and the other location on South Pennsylvania will be open on January 1st, 2022.

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