Credit: People's Kitchen via vimeo
Credit: People's Kitchen via vimeo

The People's Kitchen. You can find them at the corner of Detroit and East Michigan Avenue. Just west of 127. Literally.

It's a great place for eats in Lansing that has been revered as one of the best. From the Street Kitchen food truck to The People's Kitchen restaurant, their evolution has included some amazing culinary creations. Peep the menu.

They are so good, they often sell out of food. So if you're going, get there early.

But there's something else going on at The People's Kitchen these days. And instead of letting rumors get out of control, they have decided to take it head on and get in front of it with incredible transparency. They value their customers. And in that spirit, they peeled back the curtain to let us know what's happening. Allegations of harassment, staff changes, and more.

Even though the allegations did not involve our staff, did not happen under our roof, and do not appear to violate any laws, there is no doubt that there has been a pattern of behavior which is in conflict with the environment we hold sacred at The People’s Kitchen. We want those who enter our doors to feel like we have everyone’s best interests at heart.

From their Facebook page.

This can't be easy. But from a customer's point of view, this is incredibly brave and up front to let us know the whole story from the horse's mouth. And for that, we are appreciative.

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