Meet Rock Camps of Summer's past (in the above video). Well now it's being brought to you in Lansing by the amazing members of The Outer Vibe!

So here's a quick rundown: Kids who can play an instrument get to sign up and then jam with members from The Outer Vibe for a week and prepare for a final concert at The Loft.

I think this is a GREAT thing for your kids that play because it gives them the chance to play as a band instead of alone, which will only help their skills and they will learn so much about music (and me being a huge music freak, I think every kid should get to experience this).

Anyway, registration is almost over, so if you have a musical kid sign them up! The final concert will be on June 27th! Click HERE for more details on Rock Camp 2014.

Oh and ps, if you missed who The Outer Vibe is, HERE is a music video I was in with them and the Lansing Derby Vixens back in October!