Rick Ross has previously claimed he's pretty hands on when it comes to the landscaping of his 235-acre Atlanta area estate known as The Promise Land. Now he's showing and proving.

In a video shared on his Instagram Story on Saturday morning (Feb. 26), Rozay lamented about the price of tree-cutting services. The rapper says he got an estimate of $10,000 to cut down 10 trees in his yard.

"I just got my estimate, I got like 10 trees I want to cut down," he said in the video. "They say, 'Them big trees, them big oak trees, Rozay.' I said, 'I don't care. I need them cut down. They fucking up the vibe right there.' Nigga told me $1,000 a tree for 10 trees, that's $10,000. OK, I just told my homie, 'You go to Home Depot and you get me the biggest muthafuckin saw there is, with a big chain, and you crank that muthafucka. Ima cut the trees down.'"

When the scene changes, Rozay is rocking a cowboy hat. He's ready to go to work. "Must have forgot who the fuck I am," Ross says. "I'm hands on, I'll cut down my own muthafuckin' trees. You can't charge the boss $1,000 a tree to cut it down. I'll cut down my own muthafuckin' trees. I gotta make room for my animals. I'm the biggest boss. Y'all ready to cut these trees down?"

In the next video, the rapper is outside using a large chainsaw to cut down a sizable tree. The Richer Than I Ever Been rapper makes easy work of the tree and it eventually falls to the ground with a loud thud. Ross then celebrates by raising his chainsaw to the sky and playfully rushes toward the camera.

It appears Ross is making room for more animals after recently buying a buffalo he named Thor. "Y'all know I just bought a bull last week. One of my homies called it a steer," Ross announced earlier this week. "I just named my steer. I named it Thor. Thor, my first bull."

"While I was asleep, Thor began whispering to me and you see this on the wall?" he asked, pointing to a painting of a buffalo behind him. "You see that? That's a buffalo. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

The Miami rapper isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to his estate. Last summer, he claimed he cuts his own grass to save money.

Check out Ross cutting down a tree with a chainsaw below.

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