Voter turnout was huge throughout the United States, and Michigan set record numbers of same day voter registrations this year.

Michigan enacted same day voter registration in 2018, and right now there are 21 states that allow same day voter registration. Voters are abled to get registered at their township or city clerks office on election day, and vote in the same trip. That's exactly what more than 24 thousand Michigan voters did Tuesday.

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According to the Michigan Secretary of State's office more than 28,000 people had registered on election day in Michigan. The majority of the same day registrations happened in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Kalamazoo. Those cities make perfect sense when you think about it, because each of them has a major college located in the heart of the city.

My wife and I were talking about getting registered to vote, and at the risk of sounding dumb, neither of us could remember when we registered to vote. I always thought it was something that happened when you get your license, but that's not always the case. I ended up going to the Michigan Voter Information Center to get more details. It turns out that getting registered is really easy, and there are tons of different avenues to get registered.

It's still crazy to think that if Michigan did not have same day registration, there would be more than 28,000 people unable to vote. I never would  have guessed that so many eligible voters were not registered, especially with the huge push on every social media platform.


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