Another really low note for the state of Michigan and the same sex marriage issue. It felt like not that long ago, just a few weeks actually, that we were talking about a business owner that would refuse business to people if they identified as gay. Well, just a short amount of time later, here we are discussing an anti gay billboard that has popped up in southeast Michigan. Check out a picture of the billboard here courtesy of the Lansing State Journal. The billboard reads "Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right." I mean honestly, here we go again with this bigotry stuff. I mean, in a very fair way of saying, what do you care? I mean honestly. Here's the deal. People are born this way, there's nothing that they could do about it. That's how it works.

Following, the billboard also has a photo of an African American male and it reads, "Born Black" There is another face next to it covered in rainbow colors that says "Not born this way" Give me a break with this. These have been showing up all over metro Detroit and have been sponsored by numerous conservative groups. This isn't even an intelligent open ended conversation about the issue. All this is, is fueled by hate and anger. I don't understand people against this issue, but that is neither here nor there. The fact that it's okay to broadcast such a message of hate is beyond belief to me. I hope that this in no way will affect the legalization of same sex marriage in this state, and hope to see it soon. What do YOU think of this billboard message?