Death is a harsh reality for everyone.

Streaming service Peacock has partnered with actress Amy Poehler to produce a reality series that follows people as they prepare to die.

The new unscripted series, titled The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, — based on the wildly popular book by Margareta Magnusson — will help individuals who "are at a major crossroads … organize and demystify [their] homes, lives, and relationships,” thereby “allowing us to prepare for death while we enjoy life," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The series will feature a "Swedish Death Cleaner" who will guide people as they prepare for the end.

According to Executive VP Unscripted Content at NBCUnviersal Rod Aissa, "viewers will be taken on an honest and emotional journey as they watch everyday people conquer their worst fears and discover who they really are on the inside."

Aissa continued, "We hope our compassionate and dynamic series sparks conversation within each household and breaks the stigma around mortality and the tough reality of letting things go."

Kenny Orr via Unsplash
Kenny Orr via Unsplash

The groundbreaking new series will be narrated by Poehler and created by Scout Productions, the creators of Queer Eye.

"Queer Eye reshaped the way we look at life, and The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning will transform the way we look at death," David Collins, co-founder and executive producer at Scout Productions, explained.

"Swedish Death Cleaning reminds us to focus on what is truly important, and we couldn’t find a better team to take this journey with than Peacock and the incredible Scout Team," Poehler added.

The Swedish Death Cleaner — who has not yet been cast — "will turn each home upside down as they uncover and undo decades of collecting. With their distinctly Swedish sensibility, they liberate each person from the clutter in their lives and allow them to pass on treasured mementos — and the deeply personal stories behind them — to their family, friends, or neighbors. Along the way, viewers will go on a journey with each individual as they recall who they once were, discover who they should be, and navigate how they want to be remembered."

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