We're not saying it's going to happen and we're not saying it isn't going to happen this fall, but many MSU Spartan fans are ready to walk into Spartan Stadium to watch MSU football this season.

There's nothing better than walking into Spartan Stadium on game day to watch a great football game.  All the cheering, along with Sparty, the MSU cheerleaders, the MSU Spartan marching band and so many other great reasons.

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So what is the plan?  According to the Lansing State Journal:

"Our plan really is to have as full and robust and traditional a Spartan (Stadium) experience as we possibly can," MSU athletic director Bill Beekman said Wednesday.

So what they're telling us right now is to be prepared for just about anything.

Lansing State Journal tells us:

But as vaccinations climb, capacity limits lift and mask mandates disappear--and after last week's abrupt change in COVID-19 CDC guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated, followed by the state's loosening of restrictions..."I am increasingly confident," Beekman said.

If there's one thing I do remember about Spartan Stadium, I believe it's the Big Ten's sixth largest stadium and capacity of the stadium is around 75,000 fans.

Lansing State Journal adds:

"Our hope is that aspects of a football game day that people have come to love and really enjoy are all there," he said.  "We're planning for allowing people to tailgate and have that traditional experience in the  (tailgating) lots that they've become accustomed to. and spending time with people that know that you've tailgated in that particular spot for 20 years.  We're planning for that experience.

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