Raising Cane's is here! By here, I mean in Michigan. By in Michigan, I mean on Grand River in East Lansing! Anyone who has tried Cane's knows how good it is. You might say, "It is just chicken fingers." I am here to tell you that Cane's is the upper echelon of chicken fingers. The secret could very well be the sauce. I can tell you from experience, every time a Cane's opens, people get really excited. It also brings in some traffic. This was true in Lansing when they opened their doors yesterday.

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I love this place and it was not just for the food. Back in circa 2008, Fox aired the US adaption of a British reality television show. It was called Secret Millionaire. Basically, really rich, successful people go under cover in poor neighborhoods. They live without their normal comforts and interact with people who struggle, are trying to do some good, or both. Todd and Gwen, his wife, were on the show. That was my first Cane's experience. It had nothing to do with chicken. The restaurants were only in the south/ southwest at the time. Todd and Gwen came across as pretty genuine. He told the story of how one of his college professors told him a fast food joint that only sold chicken fingers would never work. Clearly he proved that guy wrong.

At the end of each episode, the secret millionaires give some of their own money to the people they interacted with. I believe they were only required to give out around $100,00. Todd and Gwen gave 100k to each person they worked with. They also donated toys, a grill, and started a charity foundation in that part of Louisiana. In total the gave around $400,000, not counting the foundation's contributions. The two of them gave out more money than any of the other secret millionaires that were on the show. More by quite a bit.

It was really cool to me. So much so that I was pretty fired up when I got to try the food for the first time. They had a location in Arizona and we ate their on a visit to see my parents. The Cane's Sauce is amazing. The chicken fingers are good. The story behind it all, is pretty solid too. When you get a chance, hit up the Michigan's first Raising Cane's location on Grand River! One love!

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