Love Imagine Dragons.  The whole CD is awesome.  (Yes, I still rock CDs.)

I've been seeing on random blogs and whatnot about this radioactive water leaking from  the damaged Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan.  I was unfamiliar with the blogs or sites, plus, at least one of them was posted by *that* girl on my Facebook.  You know the one.  The "end of the world" girl.  Everybody has one on their Facebook.  If it's not that the earth is collapsing on itself, it's that their personal world is collapsing around them.  I digress...

Today I came across an article on National Geographic.  And, well, sh--stuff just got real.

I've included the Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" video for you to watch/listen to while you read about toxic water that has been flowing toward the United States for the past TWO YEARS and is just now officially being acknowledged.  (The puppets may take the edge off.  The video also stars Lou Diamond Phillips -- who doesn't like that guy?!)

...makes you think twice about those "conspiracy" sites.

Tomorrow we'll talk chem trails.  *snicker*

No, but seriously...