Earlier today (Jan. 7), a page aimed at discrediting R. Kelly  accusers sprung up on Facebook. It has now been removed.

In a statement to TMZ, reps for Facebook explained that the page (Surviving Lies), which was designed to expose the perceived lies told by Kelly accusers Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, apparently broke some basic communal laws for the site.

"The Page violated our Community Standards and has been removed," the Facebook rep told TMZ. "We do not tolerate bullying or sharing other’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware.”

While the Facebook page has been removed, what ends up happening to the website it was promoting, SurvivingLies.com, remains to be seen. The site hasn't launched yet, but Facebook obviously wouldn't have any control over it.

The creation of the now-deleted Facebook page comes less than a week after the premiere of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly, which is a harrowing exploration of the various abuse allegations leveled against the singer. While R. Kelly hasn't spoken on the series publicly, he is reportedly planning to sue everyone involved with the doc.

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