If you're looking for a quick, easy scare, visit the Puttygut Bridge that crosses over the Belle River near St. Clair.

One night, a man, who had too much to drink, was heading over the bridge in his truck. Unknown to him, the bridge was flooded by the high waters. His truck went off the bridge into the river, and neither the driver OR his truck were never found.

To this day, if you visit the bridge at night, shut your vehicle off.
Roll your windows down.
Put your keys on top of your vehicle.
You will hear the sound of a large splash followed by the apparition of a man standing in front of your vehicle. The best time to attempt this is between 2am-3am.

Skeptics have visited the bridge to try and debunk this tale, ending up having weird experiences of their own. The most common occurrence is the appearance of strange lights that emanate from nowhere. Thinking they could be headlights, some have traveled in the direction of the lights only to see there was no road where a vehicle could have been traveling. A few have claimed to see some kind of human shadowy form walking ON TOP of the water.

The Puttygut Bridge is just a few feet west of the intersection of Puttygut Rd. and McKinley Rd. (both dirt roads) seven miles southwest of St. Clair.

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