You're no doubt familiar with the Pure Michigan campaign that highlights the beauty and attractions Michigan has to offer. The Tim Allen voiced commercials are warm and sincere, and represent our state as a tourist destination that's second to none.

This is not the same thing.

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John Kerfoot's 'Not So Pure' YouTube channel has a long history of creating parody spots that ... let's just say ... take a look at Michigan through a different lens. Although these light-hearted looks at Michigan are sarcastic and brutally honest, they rarely come off as malicious.

And it never hurts to take a look at ourselves from a different perspective.

"The COVID pandemic has affected the state of Michigan as much as anywhere in the country," the Tim Allen soundalike says. "People have had to make truly difficult sacrifices -- like no spa treatment or golfing without a motorized cart."

Kerfoot does go on to pay tribute to medical workers on Michigan's frontline, showing an image of signs that thank doctors and nurses in our state, before winding up to take a swing at the 'Incel Boys' who have made national headlines by protesting Governor Whitmer's Stay-Home Executive Order in Lansing.

"These incels have been self-quarantining for years, but now they have emerged from their basements, pissed off, and ready to go after another woman who has no interest in them," referring to group's protests against the governor.

There is some strong language in the video below. But Kerfoot does a good job capturing the essence of how COVID-19 has highlighted a divide among people in Michigan.


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