Well... Harley, (my wonderful 18 month German Shepherd) became a woman today... Yes she got her period... Naturally I freaked out, ran to the store to buy doggie diapers then reached out to Penny at the Capita Area Humane Society for tips on how to deal with my dog in heat.  According to Penny and Dr. Carol Osborne, D.V.M. here are a few steps to take if your dog goes into heat:

  • Keep your female dog indoors away from any male dogs, they will be able to sense your dog is in heat for quite a distance away.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed as well (not a problem since it's 18 degrees outside right now!)
  • Consider using dog diapers as well to protect your home (check and check! see video above to watch the disaster of me trying to diaper Harley)
  • Spaying your dog before she goes into heat for the first time also has many benefits. Not only does it stop this grossness that you have to deal with, but it also can help prevent other diseases/problems.

Now I also googled 'Can I get my dog spayed while in heat' and what I found according to HealthyPet.com is basically it is not a good idea because it can make the surgery more risky for your pet and most vets will not do this.

I also got a few funny tips/comments via Facebook, so I'm sharing:

  • Kristen Adams FYI - They have doggy cloth diapers on amazon. They are a godsend for smart doggies that can figure out ripping theirs off. You just put a ladies long pad in it and it's waaaay better
  • Naomi Schumacher Way cheaper to use boys undies and flip them putting her tail through the front.
  • Jessica Tingle Ward I hate just make sure you watch out when she goes outside. My parents had a male dog tear the door up to get to their girl one time.
  • Shelly Olson One reason I always get male dogs! Peroxide will take out the stains!
  • Shelly Peterson Reed Ha ha. She's riding the Crimson Wave.

If you have a female dog that has not gone into heat yet and you'd like to avoid this trauma that I am experiencing... The Capital Area Humane Society has a clinic that is reasonably priced and it is always good to have your pets spayed and neutered to avoid over population of animals that are ending up in shelters.

Here's more pictures of Harley and Me: The Adventure of the Doggy Diapers