The biggest frustration for me at a grocery store these days isn't counting the number of people NOT wearing face masks (and hey, do you...but note that I am counting and shaking my head).

Oh no.

And I didn't really realize it until the first time it happened. And consequently every time after because I've been looking for ways to combat it.

With Covid-19 and the pandemic in full effect. And me wearing my face mask when I go out in public. Especially to the grocery store.

How did this monster become my newest, biggest arch nemesis?

Credit: Low Carb Cooking via YouTube
Credit: Low Carb Cooking via YouTube

That's right.

The dreaded produce plastic bag. And for some of us, the ones they use in the meat department AND the bags you take your groceries home in at the self checkout counter. For some reason, they work for the folks who bag your groceries when you go through their lines but if I'm in self checkout, the bags never want to work for me.

Here's the dilemma. You're wearing your mask and in some cases plastic gloves.

When we want to use these bags, we rip one off the roll, and then what naturally comes next?

You moisten your fingers.

But Covid, plastic gloves, face mask. There are a bevy of reasons why you can't do things like you used to do to get these pesky bags open.

And trust me I am a moisten your fingers guy, but the last thing we want to do now is put our fingers in our mouths or lick our thumbs to get these open.

The other day I actually walked over to the portion of the produce section that has veggies in that area with the misting sprays, waited until those jets turned on for a second, and got my hands damp with that.

You can peep the video up top where the guy shows you how to use the potatoes in the produce section to open them.

Above, Lesa says you can use your arms.

I did not know about the little triangle trick so I can't wait to use this one.

Hopefully these will help. But please be safe, be careful, and try to avoid the whole licking your fingers and opening the bags. It's just not safe now. And especially if you've just picked up a package of meat. Even the veggies that you need to wash when you get home. Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria anyone?

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