It's so much fun to stack Pringles and create different flavor combinations. There are literally THOUSANDS you can put together. And they've even created a page on their website dedicated to PRINGLES FLAVOR STACKING.

Now to come up with some of these awesome combinations, you will need to use some flavors I have honestly never heard of or even knew existed. I do recall a pumpkin spice flavor from a while back. And I thought to myself, you've gone too far Pringles. Apparently not far enough. And there was a method to their madness.

Apparently a while back, the folks at Pringles came up with this Thanksgiving feast idea for the holidays. The idea. Stacking Thanksgiving themed flavors to create a turkey day stack. It was available for a limited time and online and so on. Well, it's back and bigger and better than ever. And I'm not gonna lie. I wanna give it a try and it's the perfect holiday party, Friendsgiving get together kind of thing for the holidays. That's even what they are calling it.

The moment your mouth has been waiting for every single second since last year is here — and it’s a triple threat.
Introducing Pringles® Friendsgiving Feast featuring the Turducken Stack.
Three birds for bundling, three sides and more feathered flavor than you ever drooled was possible.
It’s the feast you never flapping knew you desperately needed. But don’t thank us, just catch one.

•Avoid clamoring for oven space and jockeying for Grandma’s fancy china platters.
•Satisfy your sweet tooth well before dessert, with an insanely accurate “Pumpkin pie” flavor.
•Turn crisp eating into a veritable taste experiment with fun flavor stacking with the pack exclusive Turducken Stack.

Limited time only, the Turducken Friendsgiving Feast will be gone faster than Grandma’s famous Pumpkin Pie. COMING SOON. (Kelloggstore)

If you want one, they are available this THURSDAY @ 12 NOON online only HERE. Pretty sure they are gonna sell out. Like crazy fast lol.

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