So if you write someone long enough they will eventually listen. This is for the case of President Obama, who is planning a visit to Flint next week to hear and see first hand how the water crisis is being handled.

The visit has been confirmed by the White House, the President will be in Flint next Wednesday May 4th.  He has plans to speak to residents of Flint first hand about the health crisis  and get a face to face briefing on federal efforts to help out the city.

The President confirmed his visit in a response to a letter written to him by an 8 year old Flint girl.  Her name is Mari Copeny, she wanted President Obama to know how the water crisis has effected her and her family.  Mari’s Mom told her that the President was probably to busy, but the young girl asked for a visit from either the President or First lady to see how city and lift the spirit of the city.

President Obama responded to the girls letter, by saying that she was the first to know about his upcoming  visit and will see her next week. You can check out more about the girl and letter to the President here.