The Point Iroquois Lighthouse is another of Michigan's most famous haunted spots.

Just 7½ miles north of Brimley (check out the post I did on Brimley HERE) lies the lighthouse on the shores of Lake Superior near Whitefish Bay.

Back in the 1600's, there was a fierce battle between the Iroquois and Ojibwe tribes, resulting in the slaughter of all the Iroquois braves. Apparitions and dark, shadowy figures have been seen (on the lighthouse grounds) that are believed to be spirits of the slaughtered warriors.

Another occurrence happened on that site, where a little girl was attacked and eaten by a bear. The bear was hunted down and killed by townspeople. How did they know it was THE bear? When they cut it open, parts & fragments of the little girl were found inside. Her ghost has been seen wandering the site by a handful of residents & visitors; some have claimed to experience abnormal cold spots inside the lighthouse as well.

Those are the it's up to YOU to visit and see if you experience a sighting or otherwise!

Check out the photo gallery above.

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