This week marks a day that has been picking up a lot of steam, more and more each year with the resurgence of vinyl. But this Thursday you'll have plenty of reason to celebrate and plenty of places around the Lansing area to check out. Check out a few places to shop around for some great tunes here. My personal favorite record shop in the area has been The Record Lounge in East Lansing. I've picked up a few things over there in my short time living in Lansing. They're right in downtown East Lansing right across the street from the big ol art museum.

I think it's important to keep Record Store Day alive and especially the stores themselves. I like the Record Lounge so much because it just isn't CDs and vinyl for sale there. There are some really cool locally made art happening as well. I bought a few awesome rock and roll magnets there and a great piece of art that featured the origins of The Joker, from Batman. I have that bad boy hanging on my wall at home. Anyway, check it out and see if you can grab a great deal on some music and support independent music shops.

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