There's been a lot of talk from people not only in Lansing but outside of Lansing about what may happen to Scott Park. Scott Park is known for having hidden beautiful gardens taken care of by Lansing residents, but now it faces a big change in that Lansing BWL wants to build a power substation on the land.

The Lansing City Council will discuss and most likely decide the fate Monday night, after a committee approved it Thursday. The $26 million Substation would be built on the Scott Park land, but environmentalists and others that have supported the park want to save Scott's Mansion and the famous Sunken gardens. However, BWL's plan is move or demolish the house and move the sunken gardens to a smaller preserved area of the park.

The move to build this substation is to save money in quickly constructing a substation to help when the coal burning station is retired, hopefully by 2020.