If you are looking for a comedy show in our area there are a few choices to pick from and I'll help you with some suggestions. Lansing has had a few comedy clubs like; Tripper's Comedy Club (which closed a few years ago) and Connxtions (closed as well back in 2013). Because of these closures it may have been kind of hard to check out a great comedy show or to see some up and coming comedians. Even though those places closed down there are still other places in our area to check out a comedy show.

  • Mac's Bar (2700 E Michigan Ave) Mac's is known to have a lot of great musical shows but also they hold comedy shows there a few times a month. Check out their list of events here. 
  • The Loft (414 E Michigan Ave) The Loft also is known for having some great music shows but has comedy shows and is one of the bigger venues in the city. Check out their events here.
  • Crunchy's (254 W Grand River Ave, East Lansing) They do have a comedy night, as well as other theme nights. Plus Crunchy's commercials are always funny so they know their comedy. Check out their list of events here
  • Back Alley Comedy Club Located inside Royal Scot Bowling Center We provide Stand-Up Comedy Shows featuring some of the biggest names in comedy past & present. Check it out
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