With 2017 under way if you are a life long Michigander you have probably seen everything you can in this awesome state, but if you haven't here's more places you have to check this year.

  1. Belle Isle
  2. Detroit Institute of Art
  3. The Irish Hills
  4. Ocqueoc Falls
  5. Fisherman’s Island State Park
  6. The Antlers Restaurant
  7. Blackrocks, Marquette
  8. Canyon Falls and Gorge
  9. Curwood Castle
  10. Greenfield Village
  11. Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo
  12. Tunnel of Trees
  13. Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth
  14. Torch Lake
  15. Doc Sweets’ Candy Company

To check out more about these places plus to take a look at the full list of the 25 places to check out in Michigan, check it out here. 

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