Let me start off by saying this place could very well be a haunted location and I definitely think it should be investigated by a paranormal team. Why? Well, first read the facts about the murder that occurred here and then I'll tel you what various people have told me...

This is one of most bizarre murder crimes in Michigan history, possibly because it could easily be the plot of a horror movie...and I have purposely omitted the names.

A man & his wife owned a pizza/taco restaurant in Jackson located at 2319 W. Main Street (often mistakenly addressed as Michigan Avenue). The wife - a kind, concerned woman well-loved by her family - was against the man's constant marijuana use and would ask him to stop, over & over again.

According to various articles on mlive.com, on July 13, 1999, finally tired of hearing her complain about his habit, the husband reached a breaking point and beat her to death with a pipe as she lay on their couch (he later claimed he looked at her face and saw the devil and that she once tried to kill him with cockroach spray). He put her body in a sleeping bag, and later dismembered her body. Over a two-day period in mid-July, he cooked, boiled & baked her body parts in an effort to get rid of the evidence. When asked by friends and neighbors where his wife was, he claimed she had taken a trip.

The smell permeated the area, raising concern in the neighborhood. After the wife's family became worried & contacted authorities, the police eventually caught the husband with his wife's head in a box after leaving it on the porch next door. They also found more parts inside and outside the restaurant.

Even equally disturbing is the question many have asked since:

What led him to this? Was it the marijuana use?

It was proven that he had a continually-growing blood clot on his brain, causing depression which may explain his use of pot and Prozac. This combination was said to have altered his personality. After surgery on June 29, he seemed more disoriented, couldn't read, write or understand speech well.....the murder took place about two weeks later.

Read more about this heinous, senseless crime HERE.


I've had acquaintances in Jackson tell me they smell odors around the building: some foul, some like pizza, some like burning. Also, some kind of metal bonking or clanging or rustling coming from inside and muffled voices...maybe moans, they weren't sure.

Okay, so couldn't the smells come from some of the other restaurants in the area? Couldn't the human sounds come from neighbors? And the metal sounds as well?
Pretty flimsy evidence, if ya ask me.

All I know is what was related to me. But I think a paranormal investigation should be held there, if one hasn't been already.

The building still stands to this day and many of those who know & remember this news story avoid it.....while others stand & have their pictures taken in front of it.

Again, the address is 2319 W. Main Street (NOT W. Michigan) in Jackson (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE FOR LOCATION). If you visit, treat the area & neighbors with respect.

And if any paranormal investigation teams are reading this, I hope you pursue an investigation so we can see if you find anything definite.

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