Is it just me or does dining in the dark sound like the beginning of a horror movie? I should probably lay off watching Criminal Minds for awhile haha.

So you're not in the dark entirely, you're blind folded. Which if I'm being honest, freaks me out a bit. I understand the concept, they want you to rely on your other senses while dining but I just have one question. How am I supposed to defend myself if I can't see what or who's coming my way? Ya feel me?

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If it sounds like something you'd be down to do, "Pitch Black - Dining in the Dark" is coming to Detroit next month. The tickets are $80 and the event is going on May 20 through June 17. You must be 18 years or older to participate.

Shelley Allen with Hidden Media Network told MLive that being blind folded will make you focus more on the aroma and taste of the food with your senses being heightened.

We hope that people will appreciate food and the tastes, aromas and mouthfeel in a new way, rather than judging food by aesthetic appeal alone.

You will arrive at an undisclosed location and enter a dim room. The waitstaff will then lead you to your table where you will be seated and then blindfolded for 90 minutes.

How are we feeling now that we've gotten this far into what your evening will look like? Because it's still gonna be a no from me. How am I supposed to call for help if I don't even know where I am? Someone seriously needs to delete my Netflix account so I can't watch anymore true crime documentaries.

You will have a choice between two main dish options, meat, fish or vegetarian. They will accommodate diners if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

So, what do you think? Would you be down to dine in the dark? Download the app and send us a message!

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