Are you a nerd, a geek, or just thoroughly obsessed with something slightly odd? No offense intended, I mean that in the best way possible. I myself am one.

I consider myself a nerd of the highest order...I play Dungeons & Dragons, I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I can get down with some anime, and I absolutely adore the Scream slasher-movie franchise. And it's because of the Scream franchise that I finally got to live out all my nerdy, slasher movie dreams at the Motor City Comic-Con.

2022 Motor City Comic-Con

I was doing my usual Facebook scrolling when I saw that not one, not two, but three of my favorite actors from my favorite movie of all time were going to be at the Motor City Comic-Con; Matthew Lillard who play Stu, Skeet Ulrich who plays Billy, and Jamie Kennedy who plays Randy. It was at that moment that I decided that I HAD to attend.

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I convinced my husband (which didn't take much convincing because he too is a big nerd) that we needed to attend and that we should get our picture taken with the "Scream Trio". We got our tickets and photo op as soon as payday hit.

It was such a mind-blowingly awesome time. There were so many people who enjoyed the same kinds of things we did and it was so great to be among so many people with the same interests. There were literally thousands of people there, and so many people were dressed in cosplay, which was one of my favorite aspects.

Take a look through the gallery below to see some of the awesome cosplay that people put together to attend the con. People put so much hard work into these looks that they deserve a little love and attention.

p.s. I totally going in cosplay to my next comic con. Now, to decide as to what...

Awesome Cosplay from the 2022 Motor City Comic Con

I have never been to a comic con before, but I knew going into it that many people choose to wear very elaborate and detailed costumes and garb of their favorite pop culture icons. Whether it was from a Disney movie, an epic comic book, a live-play Dungeons and Dragons show, or somewhere in between, there were plenty of people who put their talent to use to create some awe-inspiring cosplay looks. Check out some of the awesome cosplay in the gallery below, and get a sneak peek at what it's like to attend a comic con.

Celebrity Guests Who Attended Motor City Comic Con - May 2022

The first Motor City Comic Con of 2022 in May was awesome! We can't wait to see who will be there in October!

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