With new legislation that is being up to vote about personalized endorsing license plates here in Michigan just know there are thousands of other ones all over. Some personalized plates usually have some phrase or name but there are some phrases and words you can put on your plates and here are some the banned one:

  • Any variation of a bad word or of the F word, such as "FWORD"
  • "ALCOHOL" along with misspellings like "ALCAHOL,"
    • This also goes along with misspellings of Beer like "ABEER,"  "BEEEER" "CHIVAS," "CUERVOS"
  • Different body parts and what you want to do to those body parts. There aren't any examples but I think one is probably about a body part on the chest, or below the waist. (I would love to guess but I'm assuming some have the numer 8 instead of the letter B)
  • Lots of hate, including hate for automakers — "H8FORD," "IH8GM," "H8HONDA," as well as hate for the SOS, like "IH8SOS"
  • There are also 8 different plates, 8 different ones! With the word "BOOGER" (How do you think of 8 of them?)
  • There are also ones with people trying to tell everyone behind them that they drive to slow or fast, such as; "SPEEDR"

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