The best part of this story is YOU.  You, the people of the web, that flocked to a Buzzfeed article today to comment on the story of a college kid returning home from South By Southwest (SXSW), wearing a "Broad City" t-shirt he had been given for free as part of a SXSW promotion.  The shirt contains the "f word."

A Southwest employee told Daniel Podulsk that per the airline's policy, he would not be able to wear the shirt in any visible manner on the flight, but he refused to cover the shirt or turn it inside out, citing "Freedom of Speech."

So, he was kicked off the flight.  Naturally, he did what most d-bag college kids with a sense of entitlement who don't understand the concept of "Freedom of Speech" would do.  He went to the internet to rally support for his worthy cause.

Except, his cause isn't worthy.  It's stupid and he's ignorant.  And you, the interwebs, let him know it.

Mikel Podgursky McLaughlin: Headline should read, "Southwest employee does a wonderful job of dealing with a rude customer."

Scott Wozniak: Why would you miss your flight when you could just button your jacket? Complete f*cking moron.

Michael Houbrick: As a Hipster wanna-be, that dude should spend more time reading his Southwest ticket contract than Spiderman comic books. Score: Southwest 1 Hipster wanna-be 0

Curran McCauley: I love broad city but dude No, you don't have freedom of speech on a private airline. Turn the shirt inside out. It's not that hard.

Michael Kaletta: So this was the line he wanted to draw when picking something to stand up for?  Ok.

Normandy Gray: I love Broad City but I would never wear a T-shirt with the f-bomb on it. Its just a thing of respect, I mean there were probably kids on the plane.

Nearly every one of the comments on the article -- even ones by people that are clearly not offended by the word, let this guy know that he's got no room to complain.  The airline sets the rules, he agreed to the rules, and that whole "Freedom of Speech" thing doesn't cover air travel by a private courier.