I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you wouldn't buy bread from eBay. But what if it's a bread from your hometown that has a taste you crave?

Spatz's Bread, available only in Saginaw is so popular with Mid-Michigan natives that people are buying it on eBay,

The seller says they ship on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The bread

Freezes well, makes great grilled cheese, french toast, just plain bread and butter with soup, delicious toast and BLT's to die for!
Hearty old fashioned bread with no preservatives
This bread is made from an old family recipe and is a favorite to all who grew up in this area.
How much to people love Spatz's bread? It has its own dedicated Facebook group. Maybe that's why people are willing to shell out $13 for a loaf - that's roughly $5 for the bread and $8 for the shipping.
This Saginaw News video shows you behind the scenes at the bakery:

Need a taste of Pure Saginaw? Check out the listing on eBay.

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