Michigan is not one of the happiest states to live in. Not even close actually. I'm generally a pretty happy dude and I've lived here my whole life. But reading the Lansing State Journal today I saw that Michigan, again, ranks very low on the happiest states to live in list. We are number 42 this year. For all of you playing at home, that means we're only 8 spots away from being dead last. That's not very good. Topping the list is Alaska and followed closely by Hawaii. I get that I guess. People in Alaska have a good thing going up there. And Hawaii? Well that just speaks for itself.

Here's what I don't want to hear in regards to this lists ranking. "Oh the weather sucks." Shut up. Give me a break with that. It's the mid west. We have 4 seasons, get over it. Does frigid temperatures honestly make you depressed the entire year? No, it doesn't. Look, if South Dakota is NUMBER 3! Then we can be higher than 42 for crying out loud. So what is it? How do we as a state, become happier? Let's talk about it this afternoon. Are you happy in the state of Michigan?