Mason, 4, was hit by a car.  While he was in the hospital, his dad, with the help of a contractor and some others, built a ramp over the stairs of the family home, to make getting Mason in and out of the house easier.

Then, the Parma Township Building Inspector and Township Supervisor visited, and decided that because the ramp doesn't meet township or state specifications, that the ramp should be condemned.  So, it was condemned.

Yes, there's a "condemned" notification on this beautiful, well-built, necessary, new ramp.

Way to go, Parma Township.

Now, let's just put on our 'reasonable' caps for a minute, and note that this is not a public facility or business, it is a private residence.  Let's also note that this is a temporary fix for an unplanned, tragic circumstance.

What makes a person so unhappy with themselves or lacking confidence in their own work that they must flex their muscle like this?  Especially, when there is no point to it, because the timeline the township gave Mason's dad to "fix" the "problem" is longer than Mason needs to recover.

The township's solution -- extend the ramp into the middle of the driveway, 15 feet from the road.  Ya know, the road...where Mason was hit by car.

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