Dudes. You know you did. Look at me dead straight in this article and tell me that you didn't.

I bet that you can't.

When we were in the midst of hair salons and barber shops being closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's ruling that nobody is getting their hair taken care of, you at least thought about it.

"It" would be that you considered making a run for Owosso and getting your haircut by Karl Manke, the barber who said "No" to Governor Whitmer and her "Stay At Home" order and swung the doors of his shop open in defiance in May and began shearing those who would enter his business.

And of course, that was when the fur really began to fly.

As most of us are aware and according to the Lansing State Journal, Mr. Manke got himself a "C&D", which is what we in the broadcast business call a cease and desist order. Then the barber got hit with a couple of misdemeanors for continued ear lowering and then...well, he got his license suspended.

Now while all of this legal stuff was being thrown at him, he did become somewhat famous nationally, making news shows and more, but the barber was then unable to make a living. Even if hair salons and barber shops came back (which of course they did) Karl Manke would still not be able to make money performing his chosen profession if he didn't have a license.

Well the good news now is that the outlook for Karl's future has gotten a little less hairy. Or maybe more hairy as the case may be.

He got his license back.

Check the story out here about what happened in the Lansing State Journal.

And now admit it. You thought about taking that trip during "Stay At Home" to Owosso and getting a haircut, didn't you? I know you're wondering, "Well, did you?"

No. Not me! Noooooo, never ever...I'd never consider such a thing...

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